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Last week I was looking for a knitting project to work on while I was sitting at the fair tent and I came across this pattern for a pumpkin hat and booties.  I’ve been knitting on and off again for several years, however my only successful projects have been a patchwork blanket and several scarves.  But this summer I was inspired (by what did she do today and soulemama) to start knitting again and force myself to actually learn how to follow patterns.  Since then I have learned how to use double pointed needles, made some fingerless gloves, a few hats, and an odd one-size-fits-all (except for me) sweatervest.  My big, long term goal is to knit a wearable sweater (I’ve made 2 or 3 attempts but it just hasn’t happened yet).  I might start with baby sweaters since I had more success with this baby pattern.

So I was excited to actually complete this pattern and have it come out as something recognizable.  I’m still in awe that I actually made those booties.  I couldn’t visualize how they would work when I was reading the pattern but I just blindly followed the instructions and they magically appeared!  I’m hoping that my sister will like this set for her 5 month old…


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the MOPS tent

I have been kind of falling behind on my goal of posting a few times a week…mostly due to a very hectic work schedule.  I am on the steering team for my church’s MOPS group (which stands for Mothers of Preschoolers).  Although I am not a mom, I am their MOPPETS coordinator and kind of a ‘staff liason’. 

So last week was not only our first meeting, but we also did an outreach/service project at the Rochester Fair.  We set up and hosted a Diaper Changing and Feeding Tent and I was shocked at how big a hit it was!  The moms and dads that used it were sooooo appreciative and thanked us over and over again.  I don’t know the final count yet, but we had over 600 people use the tent throughout the week.  I thought it was just great to be able to offer a service that people really needed.  We had a ton of volunteers (thank you ladies) and some great husbands for set up and took down the tent.  And of course none of it would have happened if Carol hadn’t organized it all… that woman is amazing!

I would have to say my favorite part about it, besides being able to eat fair food every time I volunteered at the tent, was the night we set up the tent… three ladies in a borrowed truck, not using their directionals, without their licenses, and not being able to find the car registration… well, it was a memorable event.

Also, congrats to my blog friend ohamanda who had her little pirate this weekend! Way to go…with a bruised rib and no drugs!

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This is our second summer attempting to be container gardeners.  I’m not sure that we have been very successful.   We are working on fixing up our yard (cutting down trees) in order to make a nice sunny area for a large garden and hopefully it will be ready for next summer. 

This year I only attempted to do cherry tomatoes.  Last year I bombed with trying to do cukes, tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes.  Oh wait, I also started some squash and zucchini from seed this year but when I transplanted those in to the containers they were shriveled and dead within 24 hours.  The soil I used was spoiled (it smelled like nasty poo but I thought that was normal because it was dirt w/fertilizer) and my mother-in-law and sil, who are master gardeners, told me it might have burned the roots.

So anyway, we had four large cherry tomato plants that grew super tall.  They were so big that they out grew the cages and were always tipping over, especially if it was windy.  There were tons and tons of tomatoes this year, but unfortunately due to the rain this summer they didn’t really ripen until the last three weeks.  But man, did we get a lot of cherry tomatoes.

We have been eating them like grapes, on salads and I made slow roasted tomatoes which were very yummy.

Now the tomato plants are looking a little pathetic.  They are withered and drying up… I haven’t been good about watering them lately and container plants need a lot of water… but they still have ripening tomatoes on them.

Container gardening has been ok… but I really hope that I can have a real garden next year.

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One of my favorite children’s classics is Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.  I’m fairly certain that this is one of the books that my mom read to us (along with all the Little House books) when we were little and I remember reading again in school… and watching the cartoon movie… and always being moved emotionally by the story especially (spoiler alert) when Charlotte dies.  I always cry.

Last night we watched the new Charlotte’s Web movie, not the cartoon but the one with the real animals.  And of course I cried.  But I didn’t just cry at the end… I cried when Charlotte makes her ‘HUMBLE’ web, when she died, and when her spider babies were born.  It is such a great story…but I don’t know why I was so moved by it last night.

Which is ironic… because I don’t care for spiders.  Now, I’m not as bad as my mom, or my brother-in-law (sorry Dave), but I just don’t like them at all.  It’s not like I have been bitten by a brown recluse (like my sil… and yes, she lives in NH), and I haven’t come home from being away at Christmas to find my Christmas tree absolutely covered with baby spiders (like my sis and bil)… I really have no excuse.  It is probaby due to watching Arachnophobia when I was in jr. high. *shiver* 

Prior to watching Charlotte’s Web last night I found this beauty outside my living room window on Saturday.  It had made a nice big web across the window and you can’t tell by the photo but it is probably at least 2 inches long… it was huge.

Since Erik was away I left it alone… I wasn’t going to touch it and it was outside so I felt pretty safe.  But when I looked for it yesterday it seems the web got washed away by the rain from Hannah on Saturday night.  So this huge spider is probably wandering around right now looking for a new place to make his/her web.  I just hope it stays outside.

Any idea what kind of spider this is?  (It’s not a brown recluse because I already looked that up)

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My husband is the best husband out there.  I swear.  Not only does he look exactly like Steven Curtis Chapman AND Michael J. Fox but he loves our sink to be shiny.  Unfortunately, I don’t always have the same desire for a clean sink as he does.

So this is what often happens in our kitchen…

I’m told by Erik’s best friend that in his bachelor days he never did his dishes.  That they would build up for days as he would commute to daily to Boston to build electronic whiteboards and his sink was never shiny.  But then there was the day that he came home and there were flies inhabiting his kitchen.  From that day on he realized that not doing your dishes immeadiately was ‘disgusting’ and vowed that he would never again have flies in his kitchen.

When we started dating I remember how we would cook dinner together at Erik’s condo.  And I remember how I would have to wait at the table or on the couch with my hot (quickly getting cold) plate of food as Erik washed the pots and pans before we ate.  Of course, I didn’t say anything at first (because I was in looovvee) but this routine soon became old.  I like hot food! 

Now we try to compromise by eating our food hot and then doing the dishes, but every now and then I’m left waiting with my hot plate of food as my wonderful husband cleans up the kitchen.

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Today I cut my hair!  Not a big deal usually… but today I went short.  Throughout my life I have gone back and forth between long hair and shorter hair.  But when it is long, it usually stays long for awhile.  So whenever I go short it takes me a few weeks (this time a few months) to psych myself up for it. 

And when I cut it short it is usually a big deal.  The first time I think I was 6 or 7 when I cut off my long locks.  When I was in high school I had long, long, hair all throughout… in fact it became kind of an identity thing for me… I was the girl with the long hair.  About a week before graduation I cut my hair short and shocked everyone and it was a great way to celebrate that milestone in my life.  This time I think I have had long hair for about five or six years… pretty much the whole time I have dated/been married to Erik.  He wasn’t so sure about me cutting my hair short today.  When I asked him what his favorite hairstyle of mine was he said… “Umm.. the wedding”.  Well, that’s sweet (and I did look hot that day) but there is no way that I’m going to attempt (or acheive) that cascade of curls on a daily basis. 

So I went to My Liege armed with my print out of celebrity hairstyles and had Meiliege (the gal who did my wedding hair-do) cut my hair.  I was even able to donate my hair. 

Before (I know I look kind of weird)

My donated locks…

After (please excuse the random self portraits… Erik isn’t home yet)

What do you think?

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weekend in review

I had a fabulous Labor Day weekend especially because Erik took Friday off with me.  We had four full days of laziness, family, and just a few chores.


We went to Butternut Farm to pick some peaches… and some more blueberries.


We went to Alton Bay to visit with my family at Harvest Day where of course my niece Alexi was the center of attention.  When we got home Erik was inspired to start cutting down trees in our backyard… our next big project on the list.


After church we went to see Erik’s family at their cottage where some of our close friends and their kids joined us.  We hoped to see fireworks but the people on the lake didn’t seem to invest in them this year.  But we had the zipline, s’mores, and some boat rides.


Since I was sad that the summer was ending, I convinced Erik to take me out for a final summer day.  We took a drive to the ocean and had a late lunch at Warren’s and when we got back Erik dug out his RC car.  Unfortunately, the batteries weren’t charged so he didn’t have much time to play.


We ended the weekend with a freshly baked peach cobbler from the peaches that we got on Friday.  I had to find something to do with them because my kitchen was turning into a fruit fly farm. 

And now… the summer has ended.  *sigh*

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