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Some Halloween fun from my new favorite ‘internetainers’…

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get your kleenex

So my good friend posted this on facebook yesterday and it had me in tears immediately.  I’m sure it was in part due to hormones, however it is a powerful video.  You may have seen it on Oprah but take a few minutes to see how EVERY child is a gift from God…

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If anyone is still out there reading my blog… I’m sorry that I have been away for so long!  Erik and I just returned from a business trip in Ireland but now we are back and getting into our routine so hopefully I will be posting much more. 

Here are a few pics of our weekend in Dublin (before the business portion of the trip in Belfast):

our ‘gansta’ poses (inspired by our super high end headphones)

we saw two different rainbows in Ireland

we visited the Guinness Brewery…

and viewed the Book of Kells…

… and went on a ‘musical pub crawl’

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Some friends of mine recently posted their video review of The Dark Knight on the blog Question Entertainment.  Check it out!


Question Entertainment is a great site to get an intellectual review of current media from people who have a Christian worldview and who put a lot of thought into what our children should be watching.

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Our weekend started out with a lady bug infestation (only to find out that they are really Asian Lady Beetles).  They were crawling all over the outside of the front of our house, basking in the afternoon sun and searching for ways to get inside… which they unfortunately did.  Erik discovered the best way for him to capture them is with duct tape… however they are coming in faster than we can keep up with!

Friday night, after attending Uncle Phil’s at church, I went to see Jimmy Fallon at UNH with a friend.  I was impressed… I’ve always enjoyed Jimmy Fallon on SNL but I wasn’t sure what his stand up was like.  I was afraid that it would be like other stand up acts I have seen… crude and vulgar… but it wasn’t at all.  He was creative and interactive with the audience and I really enjoyed it.  He brought out a guitar and and did a lot with music and parodies (including an 80’s medly all to the tune of ‘Can’t Touch This’).  I also learned that he was going to be taking over for Conan on “Late Night” in March when Conan moves to the Tonight Show… apparantly this is old news but I hadn’t heard yet.   

My sister and her family arrived on Friday night for the weekend and Erik and Dave (bil) immediatly set up the new smoker and started to smoke a pork shoulder.  Dave had spent all week preparing his ‘secret rub’ for the meat.  They set their alarms so that they could get up through the night and ‘tend to the meat’.

The smoked pork was to be the reward to the projects on Saturday.  The boys worked on clearing the brush from our wooded area in the back yard all day on Saturday.  Our goal is to have that area cleared to make the yard bigger and to have a sunny space for a garden. 

Sunday was church and down time… Moe’s subs for lunch, and we used the leftover ‘secret rub’ to grill a beer can chicken for dinner.  They guys worked on the cars and did various other projects and the girls watched TV and took naps.  I love naps on Sunday afternoon. *sigh*

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my new favorite snack:



mix and enjoy!

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Yesterday was a day for bread… I went to the new Panera Bread in Dover for lunch and I made homemade bread last night.

Panera Bread was super crowded but the food was great!  I used to go to the Portsmouth Panera all the time because it is my dad’s favorite place for lunch and we would often meet there.  In fact he has most of his meetings there… we joke about how Panera is his Portsmouth office.  Erik even met my parents at Panera to ask for their blessing to propose (to which my dad responded – do you realize she is really messy?… another story for another day).  Yesterday lunch was good and I even splurged for a cookie.  I also saw my friend from What did she do today? who I haven’t seen in a long time so that was an added bonus.

Panera is also donating their day old item to our church food pantry on Wednesdays and Sundays.  They give us a TON of bread each time that we can’t give it away fast enough before it goes stale and hard as a rock so there is always an extra loaf for me to grab and stick in the freezer.

Last night I felt inspired (don’t ask me why) to make bread in the bread machine.  I think that I might start making our bread this way instead of buying it.  I can make whole wheat bread for about $1 per loaf and it is not loaded with extra junk like the $1 bread in the store is.  Just whole wheat flour, brown sugar, salt, yeast, and water.  Since my bread machine did all the work is was pretty low maintenance and it made my kitchen smell delicious.

Question: Do you think homemade bread (even in a bread machine) is better than buying it from the store?

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