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I had my OB appt. this morning and found out that my Group B Strep culture came back positive.  If you are not familiar with what Group B Strep is you can read more about it here.  When I go into labor or my water breaks I will be given IV antibiotics (although not penicillin – which is the standard – because I’m allergic to it) every 8 hours.  The midwife said that they can cap the IV after the antibiotics are given and put a glove over it so I should still be able to get into the water if I want to.  I’m not overly concerned but I would appreciate your prayers that there aren’t any complications for me with the antibiotics and that baby doesn’t get infected during delivery (chances are low of this happening if I’m given the treatment).

Other than that, I’m still plugging along… drinking my Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, putting my swollen ankles up at night, and getting things squared away at home and work.  My sister is in Las Vegas until Sunday morning so I’m hoping that nothing happens before then because I would love to have her be a part of my birth experience.


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Yesterday, an historic campground that my family has been connected to for several generations suffered a massive fire burning nearly 40 cottages.  You can read about the fire here and here.  Several families lost cottages that had been in their families for years, however, thankfully none of the homes were occupied when the fire began.

I spent six summers working at the campground as a camp counselor and program director, and several more summers visiting and vacationing with my family as I was growing up.  Just a few years ago my parents received ownership of a cottage that had been in our family since my great-grandfather built it (after another fire at the campground in the forties, I think).  I am grateful that our cottage was spared but my heart breaks for close friends who have lost theirs.

my family’s cottage

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So last week I was going to try to only spend $25 on groceries to even out my spending from the prior week.  Yup.  It didn’t work and I went over.  Then I realized that one of the weeks was in March and one was in April.  So this weekend I was looking at my receipts from March and April and decided to re-adjust my goals.  In March I spent $217 on groceries, $17 over for the monthly budget.  So, I put that $17 on my tab for the first week of April (last week), and now I’m only $4 over for last week.  I am confident that I can spend $46 this week on groceries to get back on track.  Although, there is a big sale on Kashi products…

Monday – Ham, bk pot & veg (I got a 6lb ham a few weeks ago for $.99/lb so I’m going to cook it up and freeze the leftovers for future meals)
Tuesday – Grilled Chicken on Salad
Wednesday – Mac & Cheese with Ham & Brocolli
Thursday – Leftovers
Friday – Pizza

Market Basket Deals (not too much that intrigued me but take a look at the circular to see the other deals)
Kashi Go Lean Cereal – 2 for $5
Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal – 2 for $6
Kashi Cereal and Granola Bars – 2 for $5
Kashi Oatmeal – 2 for $5
Florida Natural OJ – 2 for $5

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Last October (September?) I started knitting this blanket for my baby.  It traveled to Ireland with us and I picked up and put it down so many times in the last several months I sometimes wondered if it would get done… but then I would think, “Oh, I’ll have plenty of time to finish this before the baby comes.”  So, when I found out that I was 3cm dilated last week I decided that I needed to get this blanket done (even though it wasn’t even on my list).  And I did!

And yeah… my bag is still not packed yet.

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Yes, I know that in about 2 years I will be shocked that I ever uttered that statement… however when I come across a fun ‘little kid’ project I always wish I had a little one to do it with.  Soon enough that will be the case!

Here is a great Easter food craft to do with your little one!

In other news… my dear friend heard some great news this week!

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quick baby update

I’m now 37 weeks!  I had an OB appointment today and they checked me… I’m 3 cm dialated and 5o% effaced.  But I’m not feeling any ‘surges’ so it could mean that I have a ways to go.  This is what happened to my sister Cammie… she was 3 cm at 37 weeks and went all the way to her due date.  So I’m not holding my breath.  However, I am a bit motivated to pack my bag and keep drinking my Red Rasberry Leaf Tea.

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10. The Miracle Maker – great movie!

9. Cadbury eggs – yum!

8. Palm Sunday Baptisms – our church has a traditions of doing baptisms on Palm Sunday.  It is one of the most powerful services we have every year.

7. Easter Baskets – my mom always used to hide our Easter baskets in the house and we would get up and search for them before church.

6. Easter Breakfast – another tradition our church has is a free community breakfast before our combinded Easter service at our local high school (we usually have 3 services every Sunday).  It is a great time for our entire church to come together once a year.

5. New Easter Outfit – I always get a new outfit for Easter Sunday… do you?

4. Easter Bunny cake – my mom has a great (easy) recipe/instructions for making an Easter Bunny cake… it looks something like this:

Bunny Cake

3.  Decorating eggs – its been a few years since I have done this but I know it will be something that I do again once I have kids that are older.

2. Family Dinner – always a big part of our Easter Sunday…

1. Experiencing Jesus Passion – this is an event that I am involved in on Thursday at our church that is an experiential journey through Christ’s last hours including worship, drama, and the creative arts.  It is incredibly powerful and for me it is a great way to get focused on the true meaning of Easter.

Want to see some more Top Ten Tuesday lists?  Hop over to ohamanda.com and visit the other Top Ten Tuesday links.  There are some great posts out there!

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