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What's In The Bible

After reading Larry Shallenberger’s review here, I did a litttle research and I can’t wait to get my hands on Phil Vischer’s new project What’s in the Bible?. (Tyndale… will you send me a copy, too?)  This DVD series looks like it is going to meet a need to give kids the big picture of what the Bible is about.  So many times we just pull stories and lessons out to share with our kids.  It can be hard for them to see the many different ways the bigger Story connects together.

Watch the trailer…

My respect has grown for Phil Vischer after hearing more about his journey and listening to him here.  And the fact that this projects includes Rhett and Link has already sold it for me.

Although I haven’t viewed the DVD yet, from a ministry perspective I am probably going to agree with Larry when he says that these videos may need some adaptation for them to work effectivly in a class setting.  In my ministry we would only consider using something in a 10 min max. chunk each week to allow for interaction and discussion within our 30 minute window of class time.   However, it looks like a great resource to reccomend to families to view together and to create discussions at home.  I’ll let you know when I get to see it!


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Yes, I know that in about 2 years I will be shocked that I ever uttered that statement… however when I come across a fun ‘little kid’ project I always wish I had a little one to do it with.  Soon enough that will be the case!

Here is a great Easter food craft to do with your little one!

In other news… my dear friend heard some great news this week!

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10. The Miracle Maker – great movie!

9. Cadbury eggs – yum!

8. Palm Sunday Baptisms – our church has a traditions of doing baptisms on Palm Sunday.  It is one of the most powerful services we have every year.

7. Easter Baskets – my mom always used to hide our Easter baskets in the house and we would get up and search for them before church.

6. Easter Breakfast – another tradition our church has is a free community breakfast before our combinded Easter service at our local high school (we usually have 3 services every Sunday).  It is a great time for our entire church to come together once a year.

5. New Easter Outfit – I always get a new outfit for Easter Sunday… do you?

4. Easter Bunny cake – my mom has a great (easy) recipe/instructions for making an Easter Bunny cake… it looks something like this:

Bunny Cake

3.  Decorating eggs – its been a few years since I have done this but I know it will be something that I do again once I have kids that are older.

2. Family Dinner – always a big part of our Easter Sunday…

1. Experiencing Jesus Passion – this is an event that I am involved in on Thursday at our church that is an experiential journey through Christ’s last hours including worship, drama, and the creative arts.  It is incredibly powerful and for me it is a great way to get focused on the true meaning of Easter.

Want to see some more Top Ten Tuesday lists?  Hop over to ohamanda.com and visit the other Top Ten Tuesday links.  There are some great posts out there!

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the MOPS tent

I have been kind of falling behind on my goal of posting a few times a week…mostly due to a very hectic work schedule.  I am on the steering team for my church’s MOPS group (which stands for Mothers of Preschoolers).  Although I am not a mom, I am their MOPPETS coordinator and kind of a ‘staff liason’. 

So last week was not only our first meeting, but we also did an outreach/service project at the Rochester Fair.  We set up and hosted a Diaper Changing and Feeding Tent and I was shocked at how big a hit it was!  The moms and dads that used it were sooooo appreciative and thanked us over and over again.  I don’t know the final count yet, but we had over 600 people use the tent throughout the week.  I thought it was just great to be able to offer a service that people really needed.  We had a ton of volunteers (thank you ladies) and some great husbands for set up and took down the tent.  And of course none of it would have happened if Carol hadn’t organized it all… that woman is amazing!

I would have to say my favorite part about it, besides being able to eat fair food every time I volunteered at the tent, was the night we set up the tent… three ladies in a borrowed truck, not using their directionals, without their licenses, and not being able to find the car registration… well, it was a memorable event.

Also, congrats to my blog friend ohamanda who had her little pirate this weekend! Way to go…with a bruised rib and no drugs!

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