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I completed my first sewing projects last weekend!  I have always been in awe over people who can sew.  My MIL is an amazing seamstress  (the dresses she made for my wedding were amazing!) and I am always surprised at what designers whip up in 12 hours on Project Runway.  I have friends who create gorgeous quilts (which are probably a little too detail oriented for me), and as you can see here I have friends who can create gorgeous bags and accessories.   

However, for me the sewing machine has always been a scary contraption.

nana’s sewing machine

But a few months ago I aquired my grandmother’s sewing machine from my sister and it has been sitting in my living room waiting for me to feel adventurous.  I slowly began to get brave and thought, I should be able to figure this out, right?  This weekend I was making lists of things that I still wanted to have before the baby came.  Two things I wanted were a nursing cover and a Moby wrap.  However, to purchase these items would cost me close to $100.  So, I began surfing the net for patterns and ideas and came up with an easy pattern that I felt confident enough to try.

I was able to make my very own nursing cover for under $8!  You can find the pattern here.  And I was able to make my own Moby Wrap… it was a little more expensive ($10?) but super easy!   Fortunately my grandmother’s sewing machine still had the user manual so I was able to follow the instructions and thread the needle and bobbin and figure out how to make it work.  I couldn’t really test the fit of the Moby Wrap because of my huge belly, but I made Erik test it out for me and it seemed to work… however he refused to let me take a picture (he claims all these wraps and slings are just too girly and insists he will only carry the baby in his arms).

I even sewed in some boning so that I could peek at the baby while nursing!

I was able to sew a little pocket on the front of the Moby Wrap

Granted these projects are super easy… I know that I have a long way to go in the sewing department.  But they have given me just enough confidence to try some again in the future.  What was your first sewing project?


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Last week I was looking for a knitting project to work on while I was sitting at the fair tent and I came across this pattern for a pumpkin hat and booties.  I’ve been knitting on and off again for several years, however my only successful projects have been a patchwork blanket and several scarves.  But this summer I was inspired (by what did she do today and soulemama) to start knitting again and force myself to actually learn how to follow patterns.  Since then I have learned how to use double pointed needles, made some fingerless gloves, a few hats, and an odd one-size-fits-all (except for me) sweatervest.  My big, long term goal is to knit a wearable sweater (I’ve made 2 or 3 attempts but it just hasn’t happened yet).  I might start with baby sweaters since I had more success with this baby pattern.

So I was excited to actually complete this pattern and have it come out as something recognizable.  I’m still in awe that I actually made those booties.  I couldn’t visualize how they would work when I was reading the pattern but I just blindly followed the instructions and they magically appeared!  I’m hoping that my sister will like this set for her 5 month old…

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