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mollie is enjoying they great outdoors this week

This picture pretty much sums up our week.  Although the weather has been gorgeous up here in New England we have not been feeling too great.  My apologies for neglecting my blog in the last several days.  Here is why:

  • Mollie came down with a nasty cold/fever last Friday and the boogies and cough are still hanging around.  Fortunately she is back to sleeping 11+ hours, although we had a few rough nights at the beginning.
  • Erik and I promptly got the cold on Sunday/Monday and now we are trying to recover.
  • I got my first ever UTI today.  Yay.  Thank you Jesus for antibiotics (and for Jan and Mary willing to watch the baby while I went to the doctor).

Hope life is treating you well… we’ll see you when the snot clears.


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Yes, I know that in about 2 years I will be shocked that I ever uttered that statement… however when I come across a fun ‘little kid’ project I always wish I had a little one to do it with.  Soon enough that will be the case!

Here is a great Easter food craft to do with your little one!

In other news… my dear friend heard some great news this week!

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10. The Miracle Maker – great movie!

9. Cadbury eggs – yum!

8. Palm Sunday Baptisms – our church has a traditions of doing baptisms on Palm Sunday.  It is one of the most powerful services we have every year.

7. Easter Baskets – my mom always used to hide our Easter baskets in the house and we would get up and search for them before church.

6. Easter Breakfast – another tradition our church has is a free community breakfast before our combinded Easter service at our local high school (we usually have 3 services every Sunday).  It is a great time for our entire church to come together once a year.

5. New Easter Outfit – I always get a new outfit for Easter Sunday… do you?

4. Easter Bunny cake – my mom has a great (easy) recipe/instructions for making an Easter Bunny cake… it looks something like this:

Bunny Cake

3.  Decorating eggs – its been a few years since I have done this but I know it will be something that I do again once I have kids that are older.

2. Family Dinner – always a big part of our Easter Sunday…

1. Experiencing Jesus Passion – this is an event that I am involved in on Thursday at our church that is an experiential journey through Christ’s last hours including worship, drama, and the creative arts.  It is incredibly powerful and for me it is a great way to get focused on the true meaning of Easter.

Want to see some more Top Ten Tuesday lists?  Hop over to ohamanda.com and visit the other Top Ten Tuesday links.  There are some great posts out there!

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Erik came home on Friday and took care of our wild animal issues…

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For the last few mornings I have been hearing something in the vicinity of our fireplace.  I have mentioned it to Erik and he has messed with the flue but nothing made an appearance.  Until this morning.

This morning Erik opened the flues and then went to work.  About 15 minutes after he left there was a loud ruckus in the fireplace as a wood duck dropped down.  It freaked out and started trying to fly around in the fireplace (the glass doors are shut). 

Meanwhile, as the duck arrived, Taylor (our big fat cat) came upstairs from the basement with a huge dead mouse in his mouth.  I proceeded to jump onto a stool as the cat began to play with the mouse in the dining room and the duck continued to freak out in the fireplace.  After snapping a few pictures, I managed to get the mouse away from the cat with a shovel and toss it outside… screaming the whole time… and praying that I didn’t go into labor while I was alone and there were wild animals in my house.

the cat and mouse

This is an eerie ‘de ja vu’ of what happened last year right around this time.  Yes, that is right.  Last spring Erik opened the flues, went to work, and a duck freaked out in the fireplace.  However, we were too cheap last year to get a cap for our chimney to prevent confused wood ducks from trying to make a home in our chimney (apparently they make their homes in hollowed out trees)… I wonder if it is the same duck?

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