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Okay, so there is probably no one left checking in on my blog.  It has been months since I have posted… life has been busy… and I have been lazy.  I’m attempting to jump back into the habit of posting a few times a week but it may be a slow start.

So, you ask, what have I been doing since Christmas?  Here are a few things that have been going on…

  • I am now 35 weeks pregnant!  Yikes, just writing that down freaks me out.  We are taking hypno-birthing classes, getting the nursery ready, and trying to enjoy these last few weeks of being child-free.  I’m feeling huge and have trouble getting up from the couch and out of bed.  It seems like my ankles are swelling up more often and I have to go to the bathroom about every five minutes and I’m quite forgetful… but other than that, I’m doing great!
  • My best friend(and preggo bud – we were due 2 weeks apart) was diagnosed with cancer this month.  She is an amazingly strong woman with a faith that I envy.  Within days of finding out her hip pain was due to a malignant tumor on her femur, she delivered baby Ethan by c-section at 34 weeks and then had her hip replaced three days later.  She and baby are now home recovering and getting healthy before she begins 9 months of chemo in April.  I must admit that this had rocked our world in the last month as this family is one of our closest friends.  Here is a picture of us at Mass General just a few days prior to her c-section:

  • After Christmas we made a trip down to North Carolina to see some extended family on my side.  We drove whole way which wasn’t so bad because I watched the entire season 9 of Friends on my laptop.  I love that my grandparents totally do it up for Christmas:


I’m looking forward on keeping everyone up to date over the next several months as we go throug many exciting changes in our family!


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Now that we have our power, I can look back on this experience and see that it wasn’t all bad…although there were some highs and lows.


  • 6 days(140 hours) without electricity… which means for us: no water, no heat, no showers, no cable, no internet, no flushing toilets, no stove
  • I didn’t realized how un-relaxed I was until our power came back.  I didn’t really unwind at all when I came home from work… this really affected Erik also.  I didn’t really sleep well at all the whole week.  By the end of the week we were both tired, cranky, and short tempered.
  • camping out in front of the wood-stove isn’t really that comfy when you are pregnant
  • it got really cold for a few nights
  • not being able to cook (and having to eat out a lot) really through off how I ate and didn’t really sit well in my stomach.
  • realizing that I missed the finale to the Biggest Loser… ugh.
  • our house started to smell
  • trying not to be incredibly jealous/covetous when other people got their power back


  • on the first day without power Erik and I: sat by the fire, picked a baby name (for a boy), played scrabble (I won!), played rummicub (Erik won), cleaned up all the clothes on my floor (which were all mine) while Erik napped, cooked lunch on the wood-stove, and generally enjoyed being “unplugged”
  • we camped out in the family room and slept in front of the wood-stove
  • Liberty Mutual provided a meal for all the employees who still didn’t have power.
  • We realized the generosity of our friends; we were able to borrow 2 generators and visited a few different homes for hot showers… and there were countless offers of hospitality throughout the week.
  • I didn’t have to do any dishes for six days 
  • hearing the beep of the phones when our power came back!

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their homes, generators, and sympathy with us!

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So, I had grand plans for fixing up this blog, blogging more often, and showing you all the Christmas fun I was having this month.  Well… some stuff has got in the way of my plans.

Last Thursday we lost power during an ice storm and it has not come back yet.  This is apparently the worst storm in the history of PSNH(our local utility company), with almost 400,000 customers losing power initially.  They have restored power to about 3/4 of those that lost it… however we are in the lucky 25% that are still in the dark…we are on day 5.

I heard a nasty rumor today that our neighborhood wouldn’t be getting power until Friday. 

We have been living day by day, with no heat, water, or electricity.  We are grateful to have wonderful friends that have loaned us generators, given us use of their hot showers, and offered their warm homes to us again and again.  We have a wood stove in our family room so that has been helping to keep us warm when we don’t have the use of a generator.  It was quite cold over the weekend and our family room (where we were sleeping) was hovering around 46 degrees even with the fire roaring.  Our bedroom (over the garage) reached 34 degrees.  Our biggest concern was that our pipes were going to freeze and burst but it seems like we are safe in that area.

I have come to terms that I might not be able to do all the Christmas-y things that I had planned since this little storm has gotten in the way.  I’m going to choose to prioritize and be selective and in the end it might mean that you won’t receive the my Christmas Letter until after the holidays.

Erik tending to the fire before we camped out in the family room.

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