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This is week 3 of the Losing It challenge.  Head over to Giving Up On Perfect to see how everyone is doing!


  • Track: ummm… about 60%
  • Run: ran once-then got sick
  • Drink: doing ok with this one

This week I lost 1.1% of my total body weight (1.6lbs).  Not bad but I need to kick it up a notch if I want to reach my goal weight before vacation.  I have 10 pounds to go!

I weigh in at WW earlier in the week so I have already begun looking ahead toward my next weigh in.  This week I decided that I was going to mix things up and try my South Beach/WW combo diet that has been successful for me in the past when I have wanted to kick it up a notch.  So this week I have been eating eggs (local duck eggs from What Did She Do Today -thank you, again!) for breakfast, cheese sticks, and lots of salads with chicken or tuna on them.  I am hopeful that this will prove to be a banner weigh in next week!

In other news, the whole family has been sick so that has made it hard to exercise.  I’m hoping that once we get over these colds that the husband and I can spend some quality time at the gym together.


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losing it: week 1

I’m linking up to Losing It at Giving Up on Perfect… join the contest!


Based on my WW weigh in this week I lost .95% of my body weight… 1.4 lbs (and I don’t care if  you take the time to figure out that crazy math to know what I weigh).  I was quite pleased with that result because for the last month I hadn’t lost more than .8lbs (and I gained a few times). 

How did I do on my goals?  My first goal for the week was tracking consistently and I think I did pretty well with that.  My second goal was to run, well… I ran 1.5 miles and took a Zumba class (ugh).  I need to run more, but that 1.5 miles was an improvement for me.  My last goal was to drink more water.  And I did.  I drank at least 48oz a day and several days I drank more than that.  I think that was a huge help for me.

So far this week, I’m on track for losing… my goal for the WW weigh in is to lose 3lbs!  I know.  It’s more than the recommended 1-2lbs and I have yet to lose that much in one week during this stint with Weight Watchers.  But we’ll see… I’m aiming high.

My goals for this week are:

  • maintain my goals from last week (track, run, drink)
  • lose 3lbs (yikes!)

What are your health goals for this week? 

Link up to Losing It!

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I discovered this weight loss competition  at Giving up on Perfect (via it’s come 2 this) and I thought that this might be a good thing to help me stay accountable through the week (and it looks like fun, too!).  I am already on a weight loss journey to get back to my Weight Watchers Lifetime Member goal weight after having Mollie.  After gaining exactly 50 lbs (did I just admit that to the blogosphere?) with Mollie, I was 14.6 pounds away from my goal this past Monday.

So I’m going to link up to Losing It and see if I can make it to goal by the end… which would coincide nicely with Mollie’s 1st birthday.  And along the way I hope to share some of my 9 year journey with weight loss and some things that I have learned from the experience.

My goals for this upcoming week:

  • Track I am going to try to track my points (write down everything I eat & drink and how many weight watchers points each item is).
  • Run I’m training to run some more 5k races starting in May so I need to be more intentional about running.  I am going to try to run 2 miles at least once this week.
  • Drink  I am going to try to drink at least 60oz of water each day.  WW recommends 48oz but I have found that I have more success if I increase my water intake.

So, stop by Losing It (and not just our sanity) and link up!

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