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What's In The Bible

After reading Larry Shallenberger’s review here, I did a litttle research and I can’t wait to get my hands on Phil Vischer’s new project What’s in the Bible?. (Tyndale… will you send me a copy, too?)  This DVD series looks like it is going to meet a need to give kids the big picture of what the Bible is about.  So many times we just pull stories and lessons out to share with our kids.  It can be hard for them to see the many different ways the bigger Story connects together.

Watch the trailer…

My respect has grown for Phil Vischer after hearing more about his journey and listening to him here.  And the fact that this projects includes Rhett and Link has already sold it for me.

Although I haven’t viewed the DVD yet, from a ministry perspective I am probably going to agree with Larry when he says that these videos may need some adaptation for them to work effectivly in a class setting.  In my ministry we would only consider using something in a 10 min max. chunk each week to allow for interaction and discussion within our 30 minute window of class time.   However, it looks like a great resource to reccomend to families to view together and to create discussions at home.  I’ll let you know when I get to see it!


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