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mollie is enjoying they great outdoors this week

This picture pretty much sums up our week.  Although the weather has been gorgeous up here in New England we have not been feeling too great.  My apologies for neglecting my blog in the last several days.  Here is why:

  • Mollie came down with a nasty cold/fever last Friday and the boogies and cough are still hanging around.  Fortunately she is back to sleeping 11+ hours, although we had a few rough nights at the beginning.
  • Erik and I promptly got the cold on Sunday/Monday and now we are trying to recover.
  • I got my first ever UTI today.  Yay.  Thank you Jesus for antibiotics (and for Jan and Mary willing to watch the baby while I went to the doctor).

Hope life is treating you well… we’ll see you when the snot clears.


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Is it really May 28?  Could my house really be this cold?  Yes!

I’m hoping to return to blogging land next week…I’ve been wrapped up in babyland for the last several weeks.  But I’m looking forward to sharing with you about my $30 garden, our yard renovations, and of course the day to day happenings with the babe.  Thanks for sticking around!


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Okay, so there is probably no one left checking in on my blog.  It has been months since I have posted… life has been busy… and I have been lazy.  I’m attempting to jump back into the habit of posting a few times a week but it may be a slow start.

So, you ask, what have I been doing since Christmas?  Here are a few things that have been going on…

  • I am now 35 weeks pregnant!  Yikes, just writing that down freaks me out.  We are taking hypno-birthing classes, getting the nursery ready, and trying to enjoy these last few weeks of being child-free.  I’m feeling huge and have trouble getting up from the couch and out of bed.  It seems like my ankles are swelling up more often and I have to go to the bathroom about every five minutes and I’m quite forgetful… but other than that, I’m doing great!
  • My best friend(and preggo bud – we were due 2 weeks apart) was diagnosed with cancer this month.  She is an amazingly strong woman with a faith that I envy.  Within days of finding out her hip pain was due to a malignant tumor on her femur, she delivered baby Ethan by c-section at 34 weeks and then had her hip replaced three days later.  She and baby are now home recovering and getting healthy before she begins 9 months of chemo in April.  I must admit that this had rocked our world in the last month as this family is one of our closest friends.  Here is a picture of us at Mass General just a few days prior to her c-section:

  • After Christmas we made a trip down to North Carolina to see some extended family on my side.  We drove whole way which wasn’t so bad because I watched the entire season 9 of Friends on my laptop.  I love that my grandparents totally do it up for Christmas:


I’m looking forward on keeping everyone up to date over the next several months as we go throug many exciting changes in our family!

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